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Dolciaria Acquaviva’s History

particolare_AziendaDolciaria Acquaviva SpA, partner of Ecco Pizza&Pasta was founded in 1979 in Ottaviano (NA) and since the beginning it was specialized in the production of the typical regional pastries from the Campania. After some years it started on the production of the frozen croissants too.

The Company’s strategy is always based on the selection of the best raw materials, the quality in each step of the production process, the respect of high quality standards, the continue assistance provided to the customers and partners. That vision of the Acquaviva Family also became a real lifestyle and the authentic way of working of the Company and it allows the Company to improuve a new facility in 2008 actually based in Gricignano di Aversa (CE) by buying the land and making a big investment in some very high technology implants with 3 new lines of production and new warehouse with a storage capacity of more than 3000 pallets. The assortment has been enlarged and diversified thanks to the new technologies used for the whole production process, including the leavening and the freezing steps and with big attention to the quality and the food safety of the product to be offered to the market. Actually the Company offers more than 350 different items both sweets and savory and it has a total production capacity of about 180.000.000 units per year based on innovative technology and old traditions. All the Company’s departments are actually involved in a process that requires a continuous performanceimprouvement so that the Company could guarantee the quality of the products and the clients expectations even by continuing its growth both in the domestic and the international markets where competition is very hard..

The Company Management also decided to adopt a new Integrated System Quality- Enviroment in accordance to the international rules ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the standard BRC-IFS by obtaining all the necessary certificates But Dolciaria Acquaviva isn’t that only but it’s also:

– Food Safety as it guarantees the healthiness of the products by using some strict chemical, physical and microbiological controls made by outsourcing authorized laboratories and a high quality owned laboratory. The Company also selects the best suppliers who who are able to respect the standards that Dolciaria Acquaviva uses for its own production. Recently the Company signed an agreement with CNR for the continue Research of some eventual toxins and any other contaminant in the final product or in the raw materials used in the production..Then the Company participated, in partnership with IZS del Mezzogiorno, to the Project QR-code which will ensure the immediate traceability and the analysis on every single unit product.

–  Attention to the Enviroment and improuving of the environmental performances. The Company is always involved in a policy which guarantee the reduction of the environmental impact of its own production process. In fact it’s actually certified UNI EN ISO 14001. The Company is also very sensitive in reducing the production of garbage and it’s also involved in the right waste disposal according to the European laws. Then the Company promotes the use of alternative energies so it started working on the installation of solar panels to produce energy itself with a power of 860 kW;

– staff development training to improuve the single performances and the participation of the staff in the Integrated System Quality-Enviroment. Dolciaria Acquaviva checks the market continuously for being able to adapt its production to the changes in the customer’s tastes and desires. It does it not only observing the statistics dates but also by being intouch with every single customer and learning about their needs as they’re part of the big Acquaviva’s family. Between the various feedbacks received by Dolciaria Acquaviva the Company decides to accept the one that asked for a 100% vegetarian cornetto which has been introduced most recently into the assortment and it’s very much appreciated already.

New lines of production are also the whole wheat and multicereals per people who prefer some products with more dietary fibers. Then the Company has a new line “Tutto Burro” (Butter) for a different breakfast.

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