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Once Upon a Time… the Sourdough

The history of Mother Yeast (the so called Sourdough) has ancient origins and coincides with the birth of baking and pastry art.
The Sourdough lives and reproduces like a living organism, It not only feeds flour and water but takes on the characteristics of the environment in which he lives …
For this reason its properties are truly unique.
The use of yeast results in a process that requires great skill and especially great care.
In Dolciaria Acquaviva the Mother Yeast is cooled with water and flour, starting from the ” mother ” you get to the yeast used in the production of the line of Regal croissants.
The fermentation takes place very gradually and processing requires more time, up to 30 hours afterthat the product is ready for cooking.

The accurate and slow process gives our products unique features:
· Soft and regular texture
· Longer friability
· More delicate taste
· Highly digestible

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